Our Parents' Reviews

Glad I chose Learners'

I have spent a total of 14 years being associated with the Learners' family. Both my children ,Abriel and Meghan, completed their entire school life here, right from Lower KG up to STD X. Learners' Academy has played a huge role in their childhood, and has been a second home to them. The teachers and faculty recognise the uniqueness of the students and take utmost care of them. Also, every child has the opportunity to shine on Annual Day and during the number of co-curricular activities held throughout the year. I appreciate the fact that one can approach the school and request to see a teacher to check your child's progress without having to wait for the open day. Students receive individual attention, have a stress free environment and enjoy a fun educational experience. Meghan will never forget how she mastered the French numbers, by learning to sing them. Learners' encourages a productive, healthy and friendly environment. Having experienced college life, Abriel has renewed appreciation for the care, encouragement and guidance he received at Learners'. Learners' Academy is a wonderful place for the kids to learn. I am glad I chose Learners’ Academy for my children's education and will always be proud to have been a part of the Learners' family.

Mrs. Marian D'Souza

Smooth Learning

My Daughter Amayra Singh has levelled up to Jr. KG this year. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers for the efforts they are putting together to teach our children. Preparing lessons, making kids learn through fun, all this through distance learning. It is very difficult to teach such small kids online. However you all are making sure that each kid gets proper attention and the learning is smooth. I really appreciate the fact that focus is not just on finishing the syllabus but also ensuring that each kid is learning properly. The kids are also enjoying the co-curricular activities which are taking place along with the main subjects. It makes them look forward for the classes. It is indeed a very difficult time for all of us but the teachers are making sure that learning doesn’t stop. A big thank you to Learners Academy

Mrs. Singh

A sense of belonging

When choosing a school, it was important that I found a school which is close knit and pays attention to every student. Learners' Academy always says that we are like a family and that has rung true during the 13 years my son, Faiz Peerbhoy being in the school. Every child is valued and appreciated while exposing them to unique facilities like 3D printing, swimming and guitar classes. Hardworking and dedicated teachers are the essence of LA. There is always a joy when we, students and parents, enter the school. We always feel a sense of belonging and know that this school looks out for our kids and ensures that they get the best in every aspect. I am ever so grateful to the administration, teachers and non-teaching staff for delivering the highest standards in education for our students. Learners' Academy will always be an integral part of our lives

Mrs. Peerbhoy

Wonderful Roots

Our journey with Learner's Academy spans over a period of nearly twenty years, with both my children having studied there. They have been very lucky to get amazing mentors in the form of teachers, admins, coordinators and non teaching staff as well. Learners' has the perfect blend of studies and extra curricular activities, always ready to adapt to the changing times. Specially in these challenging times, Learners' was one of the first schools to quickly start online classes, so that students don't suffer. For that we'll always be grateful. When a seed grows to be a tree, it never ends it's ties with the roots, because that's where it's support and strength lies. Similarly, though our children have finished schooling, they will always remain connected with the school and proud to be associated with it

Mrs. Manju Bhatia

All Rounding emphasis

Initially I was reluctant to admit my child Arshia in the school because it was some distance from my home. But watching Arshia and Aaliya to their present status I feel happy that the decision was good.Today I see them smart, confident and understanding children. The transformation from a toddler to what they are today makes me feel as a proud parent. I have noticed consistent progress in their all round personality. Their academic and extra -curricular performance have made me proud and they too are happy with themselves. The management, teachers and the non-teaching staff have been a guide and advisors to them. I express my gratitude to the school for its endeavour in shaping my children’s personality and wish they continue to be there for my children like in the past.

Mrs. Vaishali D'silva

Great Institute

Learners Academy is a very good and old institution in Bandra(W). I would like to share my experience being associated with the school for almost nine years. The institute has been working very efficiently with good management and very hardworking teachers. Children have been taught good discipline right from the beginning. Teachers are very patient and courteous with everyone. Both my children Karan Thawrani and Twinkle Thawrani haveh passed out with flying colors. I would like to mention that the institute has been excellent with extra curricular activities too. To put it together, I feel it was a good decision as a parent to have both my kids at Learners.

Mrs. Jarna Thawrani

Great online transition

Online is a new way of studying. We as parents feel very proud that our child got admission in such an innovative and disciplined school. With the strain socio-economic situation everyone around is affected and facing their part of stress imagining the normal soon seems a dream. We are happy to associate ourselves with the kind institution who thinks in the overall development of a human beyond the paper pencil education. And I wanted to acknowledge how beautifully the school has managed to help us in this arduous time. Thanks once again to all Teachers of L.A. LEARNING IS FUN AT LEARNERS! Warm regards,

Mrs. Nida Khan

More than teachers

It was in 2008 that I got introduced to LA for my son Umar Was apprehensive in the initial years about the fostering by school.... But the Noble learned staff made our things look simpler and more positive. The discipline, co-curricular activities and the study itself was all very well planned and lined up. The School Management were always helpful and accommodative. In the last year, the 10th, the confidence building and assuring coach of all teachers was out of the world. Will always remember LA as another mentor and Guide for my Son..... and lucky to have it that way indeed. Nisar Tamboli

Mr. Nisar Tamboli

Good Balance

Learners Academy is a school that values the combination of nurture and academic focus. Children are exposed to a friendly and caring environment that encourages allround learning and development and prepares them for the next stage of their life. I appreciate the Administrative team that follows the instruction and assessments alligned with state standards and Kudos to the teaching and non teaching staff in making this an excellent school. Learners' Academy strikes a good balance of academic and extracurricular activities which help in the cognitive, physical and social development of our children.

Mrs. Vanessa D'Silva

Feel Welcomed

My child is very happy, the teaching staff are very good at nurturing and developing the children's academic skills as well as social interaction and productive play. They always try to do what they can if you tell them your concerns. I am really happy with the progress my child is making at this school, all of his teachers have been lovely and always there to help. As a parent I have found the teachers very friendly and approachable. I love this school, keep it up, great teachers - you guys are so welcoming. Best Regards,

Mr. Shahab Chughatta

Great atmosphere

My daughter joined Learners' Academy in grade 3. Being born abroad and exposed to only Spanish for many years, she turned into a confident multilingual girl who passed out topping her year. The non-teaching and teaching staff were always available and genuinely committed to shaping her potential to the fullest. The family like atmosphere meant that students were not just another number. Most importantly my child was extremely happy during her time here and I am confident that the bonds that were forged over the years will be ever-lasting.

Mrs. Jasmine Goil

Lockdown, who?

My son, Omar Khan’s schooling in L.A has excelled beyond imagination during this touch time of pandemic and lock-down. The school has provided training to the teachers so well for online classes that the kids have benefited if not more but equally as they would do while going to school. I am very happy with my kids progress and his academics not getting affected in any way . I am very grateful to the teachers n schools for training the kids by coming together as a family. Learners' Academy has the best standard of academics.

Mr. Khan

Manufacturing Superstars

I have relived my education from kg till 10th in the most stress free and happiest manner through my twin daughters who were soo fortunate to complete their schooling at Learners Academy; they never felt away from home as the entire school is more than family: so approachable and always keeping their students morale high; all treated justly and each student passes out as a super star and my girls are being appreciated till now for the wonderful foundation this school has given them. Wish we could Go BACK TO SCHOOL

Mrs. Yasmeen Khan

Home Away from Home

I have been associated with Learners' Academy for the past twelve years now, I am very thankful and fortunate for not only the education provided to my kids, but the friendly and loving atmosphere, of the teachers and the staff as well. The informal approach, that makes me and the kids feel comfortable. I am amazed and inspired daily with the patience level of the teachers as well as the authorities. Thank you Learner's, for making a "home away from home" in all true sense.

Mrs. Tanzil Shaikh

Highly Recommended

Learners' Academy is a place where students are served knowledge with love and care. Besides queality education their positive environment brings confidence in the child. Various events and programs are conducted to enchance child's physical and soical development. Every year pre-primary to secondary gets oppurtunity to learn and expolore new things. The teaching staff and administration are nice and supportive. I am happy my child and I are associated with Learners' Academy. I highly recommend this school.

Mrs. Husna Dhanji

Proud of You

It has been extremely trying times for all children, parents and teachers. I really appreciate and applaud the school and its teachers in their extraordinary effort in trying to make it a smooth sail. Using the technology efficiently and simultaneously looking after the children's interest by keeping the screen time in control and also maintaining discipline at the same time. The 'eveready' for help attitude of the teachers is absolutely commendable. Proud of you Learners Academy.

Mrs. Mahi Asrani

Great Grooming

My daughter, Dhriti’s schooling in L.A. has not only provided her an opportunity to bring out her dormant talents but also groomed her as a lively teenager. In the span of a decade, the school had become a part of my family. I had been able to reach out to the management and the teachers whenever I was in need of guidance, support and cooperation. Dhriti has a long way to go and I shall always remain grateful for her strong foundation laid in the institution.

Mrs. Radhika Gajendragadkar

Temple of Education

Association or let me tell you a relationship we are in with Learners' Academy from more than a decade is remarkable. Education has a two fold function to perform in the life of a student and I have to say that the teaching staff and the management has done a commendable job. My daughter is prepared for life here. They say school is the 2nd home but i say this is a temple of education and the sweet memories to be cherished for life.

Mrs. Sania Darvesh

Everything a child could ask for

All three of my children, Talal,Bilal & Alina, are Associated with Learner’s Academy. The School has played a pivotal role in their upbringing, Personality Grooming & Shaping their Future to its fullest potential. Excellent Teaching Faculty, Brilliant Study methods & Great Hospitality. My Children are blessed with wonderful childhood memories. The school will always hold a special Place in their Heart.

Mr. Imran Babu Quereshi

Great Foundation

My son Abbas Ali Zaveri spent the foundation of his childhood at Learners' Academy. Where he was given the best education, along with great exposure to other co-curricular and extra curricular activities. From examinations, to roles of responsibility, to the environment he was surrounded by, Learners' Academy truly gave him a great and all-rounded schooling experiencence

Mrs. Farheen Zaveri

Learners' for generations

As an ex student of Learner Academy. I have warm memories of the terrific staff and amazing headteacher. When deciding school for my own children I had no hesitation in choosing Leaners because of my own positive, wholesome experience. The nurturing and support I received as a student provided me with life skills which I can see developing in my children.

Mr. Zariwala

Fun Time!

Every day my son looks forward to come to school. He very much enjoys his time in school and learning new things each and every day. He participates in a variety of activities and events and enjoy both-teachers and classmates company. He is having a great time and lots of fun too!”

Dr. Sadaf Merchant


A thank you would not be enough to express my gratitude to all the teachers of Learners’ Academy. Juneet has gained and benefited so much from all the teachers. He has become a confident, knowledgeable and independent boy under their teaching and guidance.

Mr. & Mrs. Gulati

Highly Recommended

Learners' Academy has given me opportunity to be a proud parent . A big Thanks to all the staff for the incredible support and the fantastic journey as a learning place for my son over last 13 years I Highly recommend Learners' to all the parents .

Mr. & Mrs. Amesur

Fantastic efforts

I really appreciate the efforts of the staff at this Institute Learners' Academy, my child's experience at the start of his schooling was excellent and helped him slowly develop his interest through activities and practical learning

Mr. Mahmad Abbas Jemani